15 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Great Dane

When we think of Great Danes, we tend to think about Scooby Doo, the lovable, cowardly canine of the Mystery Inc. gang. In real life, the dog may be lovable, but it would be wise not to get on this canine’s bad side. While the name and size of this dog gives it a majestic feel, there is no doubt that the Great Dane is one of the most dangerous breeds in the world…if not taken care of properly, that is.

The fully grown Great Danes can prove to be terrifying dogs with their size; 86 cm tall and 200 pounds heavy. There have also been incidents of people getting mauled by some Great Danes, one such case was in 2003, leading to the death of a toddler in South Carolina by said dog. Yikes!


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