Top 8 Vacation Spots for Winter Lovers

Woman standing in front of lake in winter.

Snow is a very divisive subject. Some people love it, some people hate it. For some people, taking a vacation where there is snow on the ground is a waste of a perfectly good tropical island. For others snow is a prerequisite for a great time. It also usually involves mountains of some sort. From Skiing to making snow people, snow makes for a great way to have an amazing vacation. If you like snow, that is. For those snow lovers out there, today we’re going to look into the top 8 destinations for your next winter vacation.

Aspen Colorado USA

Aspen may be the most famous skiing destination in the world. If skiing is what you want to do on your vacation, you won’t find many places in the world that can compare with Aspen that sits right alongside the Rocky Mountains. If throwing yourself down the side of a mountain is only part of what you want to do on your winter vacation, Aspen is still great. It offers a lot to do both inside and out, including several unique landmarks like the Wheeler Opera House and several museums. Museums are nice for when you do eventually get sick of snow.

Bavarian Alps in Germany

In addition to the normal winter fare, the Bavarian Alps offer a ton of amazing opportunities for any vacation. From hiking to cross country skiing, there are a lot of different ways to enjoy your winter vacation outside in the Alps. Inside activities are also plentiful, and will allow you a break from the cold bite of the winter air. Such things as visiting Neuschwanstein Castle to enjoying the world’s longest running play “The Passion Play”, there is sure to be something to enjoy no matter what the weather is like outside.

Jackson Hole Wyoming USA

It’s an odd name for a town, but Jackson Hole, located in the lovely state of Wyoming, is one of the premier skiing and winter destinations in the United States. It boasts the longest continuous vertical rise (4,139 feet from top to bottom) in the US, making skiing a thrilling delight. From wild life adventures to cross country skiing, there’s a plethora of amazing outdoor activities your entire family can take advantage of. But watch out for bears, as we hear there are a lot of them around.

Park City Utah USA

Snow is everywhere in Utah during the winter. Park City is an amazing place if you’re into winter activities. There are, of course, the usual things to do like cross and regular skiing. In addition, Park City is also the snowmobile capital of the United States. These machines are quite fun, and there is a lot of space to take advantage of them in Park City.  They also have snowshoe and hiking opportunities. There are amazing places to stay, and a ton of adventure organizations that can help organize your perfect winter vacation.

Chamonix France

There may not be a spot on the planet that is more perfect for snow activities, particularly skiing. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (shortened almost always to Chamonix) is located near the borders of France, Switzerland and Italy. The most popular thing to do is ski in Chamonix, but there are other things to do as well, and it boasts some of the most spectacular mountain views in the world. Chamonix is primarily a tourist destination, which allows it to cater to almost anyone no matter what time of year it is.

Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand wasn’t even close to being on this list when we first conceived of it. After all, it’s the land of hobbits, and all we can imagine is rolling green hills and amazing sunny weather. But that’s not true year-round. From Early June to April or so, the region around Queens town is covered in snow in the higher elevations. This is great as it gives you a great way to have both snow, and you know, no snow. Win-win, right? Like most winter vacation destinations, there are a ton of amazing winter sporting opportunities in Queenstown during the time where snow is on the ground.

Ouray Colorado

This one is a bit quaint. It is a very small town, and isn’t a hot tourist destination like Aspen or Vale. But, if you’re not looking for all the amenities you can get at a bigger resort, or all the activities that are available in the bigger destinations, Ouray is a great winter vacation spot. Not only that, but it is one of the prettiest winter places you can find. One of the attractions are huge ice formations that allow the more adventurous something to climb other than a gigantic mountain.

Gstaad, Switzerland

It’d likely be some sort of crime if we didn’t have at least one skiing destination on this list that was from Switzerland. The country is known internationally for three things. Swiss cheese, which is usually not Swiss at all (Emmental cheese is what it is known for); banking, and of course skiing. Gstaad is one, if not the most, famous skiing destination in Switzerland and the world. It offers the normal winter sporting fare, along with an amazing number of other things to do if you’re not enamored with throwing yourself down the side of a mountain but still love snow. The year-round skiing is one of the things that draws tourists, so if you like snow, and it’s hot where you live, Gstaad might be your best bet for winter sport.