7 Must Watch Cartoons of the 90s

Two brothers watching television together.

Ah, the 90’s. What a golden time for a lot of us. The music, the fashion, the movies, and also the cartoons. As much as we love our fair share of cartoons today, a lot of us can’t forget how exciting and interesting cartoons were back then. We find ourselves watching the channels late at night for reruns of our old favorites. It takes us back to how life was when we were young and carefree, and all we just worried about was whether or not we would miss our favorite cartoon when it airs every night among many simpler worries.

Which brings us to this list. If we had to list down every 90’s cartoons that we think everyone should watch, this list would be a lot longer so this is just 8 of them. Sit back, reminisce, and maybe even binge-watch once you’re through reading.

X-Men: The Animated Series

While the franchise is going strong on the big screen, they are back to bringing the mutants back into the small screen with Legion and an untitled X-men series in the works, let’s go back to the super popular cartoon back in the 90’s. The animated series brought on a lot of the stories from the comics and introduced some new storylines as well, getting kids to know all about Professor X, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Gambit, Wolverine, and Jubilee. The cartoons also brought comic loving kids down to the stores to get their hands on the issues, and the show paved the way for a video game spin-off as well!

Rocko’s Modern Life

Adults today long for the greatness that was the cartoons from Nickelodeon in the 90’s. One of those cartoons happens to follow the mis-adventures of Rocko and his friends Filbert, Heffer, and the Bigheads in their home of O-Town. This show was one of the first cartoons that emerged during the so-called Golden Era of Nickelodeon, and we definitely agree! Any mention of the show has us humming to the theme song sung by the B-52’s.

Batman: The Animated Series

Coming back to the superhero-fueled animations, next up is a cartoon that comic lovers know and love. We’ve all seen live-action adaptations of the caped crusader since the 60’s, from both the big and the small screen, but this cartoon is something all kids (and even grownups) back in the 90’s all tuned into. Batman: The Animated Series was able to bring stories from the comics off the page and into the small screen. Along with Mark Hamill’s incredible and iconic portrayal of the Joker, it was also Harley Quinn’s debut into the DC Universe.

Ren and Stimpy

Onto another Nickelodeon Golden Era creation: Ren and Stimpy. Compared to Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy was a lot more mature, and was a cartoon that a lot of older kids and adults would watch. They also gave us the super catchy “Log” song as well as Stimpy’s popular catchprase: Happy happy joy joy.


The 90’s was also a time when MTV released their own cartoons, so this next cartoon just happens to be one of them. Daria was the voice of a group of kids in high school who were never part of any group, who never really fit in, and she was, and still is, incredibly relatable today. We loved to watch her go through life in high school, putting up with her high-maintenance sister Quinn, get into all kinds of adventures with her best friend Jane Lane, as well as find some romance in Tom.

Beavis and Butthead

Speaking of Daria, this next cartoon is where she came from before emerging in a show of her own. Everyone who watched MTV back in the 90’s know of these two dudes. Kids who watched this show were most likely watching it in secret, since both Beavis and Butt-head aren’t exactly the guys your parents would want you to be friends with, or characters your parents wouldn’t want you to know about. They may be dumb, and the situations they would get into are beyond ridiculous, but we liked watching it because they were entertaining and a lot more in-your-face back in the day.


Next up is another Nickelodeon favorite. Compared to the previous cartoons we mentioned on this list, this one is a few shows of various styles of animation crammed into one! Think Saturday Night Live, but in cartoon form, with the hosts Henry and June at the helm. They’ve introduced us to the stop-motion Action League Now! along with other classics like Life with Loopy, Prometheus and Bob, as well as Sniz and Fondue. There were also some cartoon shorts like The Off-Beats, Randall Flan’s Incredible Big Top and more, which make this a show that a lot of kids would tune in to.