15 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds


Dogs are loyal companions to men, women, and children. They give you unconditional love for food and shelter in return. They also watch your house for you while you’re away and bark at strangers who dare enter the premises. They’re also incredibly adorable too. However, when it comes down to it, we know that our canine friends can also be incredibly dangerous.

For aspiring dog owners, dog owners, or animal lovers in general, you might find that while every dog is potentially dangerous for a number of reasons, there are some breeds that will probably make you think twice about getting yourself a furry friend at home.


Boxer dogs are descendants of hunting dogs, so naturally, that also makes them a hunting dog. Back in World War I, boxer dogs were utilized as guard and attack dogs as they are world renowned for powerful jaws and excruciatingly painful bites. If you manage to win the affections of such dog, then expect your furry friend to be incredibly protective of you. 

Boxer dogs are great for families because they will protect you until the end. However, if you find yourself on the wrong end in this dog’s point of view, it may be wise to keep away. One fatal incident of a boxer attack was in 2013, when its owner was trying stop a brawl between the boxer and two other dogs he owned. Please keep reading to learn about the other most dangerous dog breeds.


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