8 Cutest Exotic Dog Breeds

Puppy next to dandelions

So you’re looking for a cute exotic dog but can’t decide which breed to get? There are many exotic or rare breeds; however, if you are looking for a cute dog, it would be best not to get one that is a puppy.

All puppies are cute but some can grow up to be not so cute. Besides that, if you get a puppy, you will have to house-train it. So the next best thing would be to get a dog that is about a year old, neutered or spayed with all the necessary shots, and house-trained. To help you make a decision, we have collected descriptions on eight of the cutest exotic dog breeds.

Lagotto Romagnolo (pronounced La-go-toh Roman-yolo)

The Logotto Romagnolo, usually referred to as Logotto, is one of the oldest and rarest breeds with only 500 registered in the US. They have been traced back as far as ancient Rome and bred primarily as a truffle-searching dog so they love to swim. The Logotto has thick, dense, and curly waterproof hair that is hypoallergenic (minimal shedding) and can be white, gray, golden or dark brown.

They are a small to medium sized dog that has sharp senses and are intelligent, loving, and loyal. They have a happy demeanor but are not recommended for apartment living as they need a lot of exercise. Please continue reading to learn about more wonderful cute exotic dog breeds.