8 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds



Dogs are the loyal companions to men, women, and children. They give you unconditional love for food and shelter in return. They also watch your house for you while you’re away and bark at strangers who dare enter the premises. They’re also incredibly adorable too. However, in the end of it all, we also know that our canine friends can also be incredibly dangerous.

For aspiring dog owners, dog owners, or animal lovers in general, you might find that while every dog is potentially dangerous for a number of reasons, there are some breeds that will probably make you think twice about getting yourself a furry friend at home.


Much like many of the dogs we have on this list, the Husky is quick, fast, and full of energy. Huskies are also mainly used as sled dogs too, because they can be able to run through the snow and all. The breed does have a history of being somewhat of a blue collar dog, they aren’t known to be sociable with other dogs, or animals in general.

Still, that doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous, because they are. Unlike several of the dogs on this list, Huskies have claimed quite a number of human lives. Such incidents happened as recently as 1998, when the dogs were accountable for fatally attacking 15 people.

Two Husky dogs with mouth open and showing teeth.